Christ the King Abbey

Abbot Fr. Giardina P.O. Box 1616 Cullman, AL 35056 (256)796-5515

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 This is a monastery of traditional Benedictine Monks who live according to the Rule of St. Benedict. On the "About Us" page you will find their Monastic schedule. They sing their Office in beautiful Gregorian Chant and they celebrate only the Traditional Latin Mass. The Abbey has been established in order to preserve the traditional practices of the Monastic Life and is bound to the Council of Trent. In all rites, ceremonies and usages the Abbey shall adhere without exception to the established forms of Holy Tradition.
No diluted Catholicism here!
If you are seeking God with your whole heart and you have a taste for solitude and prayer perhaps God is calling you to become a monk or nun(they recently started a small convent too). They usually accept candidates between the ages of 18-40 and they will let those interested stay at the monastery for a personal retreat to get a "taste" of the monastic life before entering. If God is calling you to the contemplative life give the Abbot a call or write him. Meanwhile have a look at the Photos page.

Gloria Patris et Filio et Spiritui Sancto


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The true Latin Mass......the Liturgy of our fathers.